The island of Taveuni has a unique quality that is hard to find in today’s world – it is unspoiled. Here exists an ecosystem of incredible variety… rugged mountains, verdant rainforests, exotic flora and fauna, plus the surrounding sea with its colorful reefs and a multitude of tropical fish.

A visitor to the Garden Island Resort Fiji will soon appreciate that the “Garden Island” applies not only to the landscape, but also to the underwater coral gardens. Garden Island Resort Fiji Dive Resort, is an intimate, oceanside hotel property with 30 well appointed rooms, each with commanding views of the Somosomo Strait and the island of Vanua Levu.

Garden Island Resort Fiji provides a quiet and relaxing island lifestyle in tropical surroundings, featuring a pleasant, attentive staff and nice international cuisine. You can spend your day by the pool at Garden Island Resort Fiji or diving the Rainbow Reef. Rainbow Reef is home to one of the world’s greatest displays of soft coral. In short, scuba diving in Taveuni is world class. Garden Island Resort’s dive operation is a Padi facility and Taveuni’s first nitrox facility. They offer daily dive excursions to the Rainbow reef, a full range of Padi dive courses, and on-site E-6 processing, which is a great service for the avid underwater photographer.

Garden Island Resort is a great value for the diver looking for a beautiful soft coral-filled dive trip at a beautiful Fiji Dive Resort.

Cultural Tours
Horseback Riding
Meals Included
On-Site Bar/Lounge
On-Site Restaurant
Scuba Diving

Waiyevo, FJ


Local Village Tour

Romantic Dine Out

Scuba Diving

At Kokomo Private Island Resort we use ScubaPro dive equipment with dive computers mounted in the SPG console. Our Vessel can cater for up to 8 Divers though we prefer to keep numbers down to 6 on each trip for increased mobility whilst out at sea.

Dive Sites out of Kokomo Private Island Resort consist of an excellent variety of Marine life from Soft Corals, Hard Corals and a rich diversity of fish life also. 


Garden Island Resort

Taveuni, Fiji

starting at$200/night
+ All-Inclusive
+ Scuba Diving
+ Adventure
Garden Island Resort Fiji provides a quiet and relaxing island lifestyle in tropical surroundings, featuring a pleasant, attentive staff and nice international cuisine.

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We have no words to thank you for designing and organizing the most amazing travel experience our life (it was well beyond a vacation)! All three pieces of our itinerary provided a unique wonderful experience, each one very different from the others. 

We are back home, filled with great memories and beautiful pics and we are looking forward to returning to Fiji soon. We are also interested in exploring French Polynesia, so we will be back in touch with you once we are ready to plan for that trip. Thank you again for helping us living such an incredible dream! Isa Lei (we will not forget…:-)

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Tim & Laura Switalski Buffalo, NY

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